Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in WEBO. The experience was awesome and can only be explained by being part of the interactive experience.  I truly appreciate the privilege of being included and look forward to our next meeting.

Director, Edwin L. Cox MBA Business Leadership Center and  BBA Leadership Institute, SMU Cox School of Business

"I joined the group to learn of the challenges presented to women in fields other than my own, to learn from other women's successes as well as disappointments in confronting these be supported and to support..."

Senior Director of Consumer Products, NFL Properties

"The EWMM has been a wonderful resource to me. I have formed alliances with a number of the members' corporations and have created joint projects that are mutually beneficial to both companies."

Senior Vice President of Membership, ClubCorp

“The first year working with Advisory Link, our company started local WABs for six general agents out of approximately ninety across the country. Four of our nine national awards went to the local general agents involved in the program. We will definitely continue to expand this program to other agencies in the field.

Vice President, Professional Development/Communications, Mass Mutual Financial Group

“I’ve been trying to do business with Asian-Americans for nine years and could never make it happen. In six months my Women’s Advisory Board introduced me to the key opinion leaders in that market. This year my company was chosen “Business of the Year” by the Asian-American Chamber in my city. This never would have happened without the relationships I’ve developed with my board members’ help.”

General Agent, HFG Advisors

"I joined the Exec-U-Link Group because it is one of the rare settings when you get to interact with a small group of truly dynamic senior-level women. The meetings are interactive and focus not only on marketing, but also on networking. We share best practices that help build our businesses, our credibility, and our brands."

New Business Development, GSD&M Advertising

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my first EWMM meeting! I walked away with a tremendous amount of information and am already acting on some of the group's suggestions.Besides being of great value professionally and personally, it was a great time-my body is still recovering from the cooking dinner.
Thank you again for including me-can't wait for our next meeting."

Director, Women’s Business Initiative, JPMorgan Chase & Company

"I realized there was a great need to have a network of friends and associates who have the commitment and desire to market to women. I really was looking for a "support group" if you will. It can be a daunting task, taking on new frontiers such as marketing to women, and I wanted to share success stories, case studies that show how profits improve the bottom line, and even how to deal with setbacks and new challenges."

Vice President, Women on Their Way, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

“We just finished our big annual promotion. The nine branches that sponsored Women’s Advisory Boards averaged 146% of their stretch quotas. This is an amazing result.”

Executive Vice President, Mass Mutual Financial Group

 “Having a Women’s Advisory Board has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My chair has opened doors for us that we could never have done without a Women's Advisory Board"

General Agent, West Financial Group

“I started my Women’s Advisory Board with no women producers or managers. Because of the board’s reputation and contacts, I now have seven top women producers and three managers in less than a year.”

General Agent, Moore Financial Group

"I would like to say to each of you how much I enjoyed our time together! I really look forward to the days we meet. Welcome to those of you that joined us for the first time. It was great being with all of you, both new and 'old' members. I'll bet in the future we can 'cook up' a lot of interesting and helpful things for all of us. I look forward to hearing from all of you."

National Emerging Marketing Director, ING/Aetna

"Well, it's Friday and you probably won't get this until Monday or at least I hope you won't, because if you do you're working too much. I'm about to leave the office and didn't want the day to end without sending the email I've been trying to find time to send all week. It's been a full one for me and Friday came as quite a surprise - here already!!

As I've thought more and more about the opportunity to get to know and learn from each of you, I appreciate it even more."

Director of Recruitment and Selection, LSG Sky Chef

"I found the first meeting enjoyable, amusing, rewarding and very open. It is always a cliché to hear people say how good it is to get with other executives to share problems and realize that others are experiencing similar issues. This was an understatement for me personally."

HRVP, Blockbuster

"As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, EWMM allows me to connect with other women facing the same challenges and opportunities I am. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this incredible group."

Senior Public Relations Specialist, Roto Zip Corporation

"When I attend the AWD meetings I'm surrounded by other women in the automobile business who share the same experiences I do. We can speak freely about any subject from our own perspective which is usually different than I do. I feel that we think as a group, not as an individual, bringing together many years of experience and wisdom. When I attend manufacturer sponsored meetings, the audience is approximately 98% men, it's like a man's club.

There have been several discussions beneficial to me; one was about the business transition to our children. The brainstorming we had about customer retention in the service department and the pay plan for service advisors was equally beneficial. I usually get one or two things out of every discussion we have."

Owner Principal, Ed Moses Dodge

"Automotive Women Dealers' Exec-U-Link is the first venue of its kind and is the only forum for women dealers to work together and exchange ideas. In an industry that has been so traditionally male dominated, it is helpful to share my ideas with the other women dealers who are involved in the day-to-day operations of their dealerships. It is a unique opportunity to get fresh perspectives and have open, honest, non-judgmental conversations. It has been inspiring to hear how other women dealers solve business challenges, deal with a variety of issues - from old stereotypes to customer service issues - and to analyze what they do differently from me and how I can do things better."

Owner Principal, Acura of Pasadena

"Great resource of dynamic female dealers representing various franchises and different geographical locations throughout the country.

While the day-to-day dynamics of operating an automotive dealership do not vary between male and female dealers, it is wonderful to just be able to discuss the business with other female dealers. The Exec-U-Link group affords me this opportunity."

Owner Principal, McKay Family Dodge


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