Leadership – The Female Factor

Ten Keys to Leadership Success: There isn't a One-size-fits-all Approach

This presentation, based on the book, Leading the Way to Success, co-authored by Dr. Warren Bennis, Jack Canfield, Gerry Myers, James Kouzes and other management gurus. It highlights 10 keys to successful leadership in the 21st century from many diverse perspectives. Leadership traits, important skills, gender characteristics, definitions of success and other topics will be discussed. How important is love, having a mentor and professional growth to a leaders success? These and many other topics will provide the audience with practical information they can easily implement, as well as food for thought.

Creating Female Centers of Influence: How Women Can Help You Capture the World

Women are changing corporate cultures, influencing leadership roles and defining marketing strategies. Companies that want to differentiate themselves need to look at innovative ways they can attract women as satisfied consumers and as successful employees. Forming Women's Advisory Boards and hiring consultants to help create and execute unique and successful marketing solutions are just two potential ways. This interactive presentation will open the eyes of the audience to new ideas that they can easily incorporate into their existing strategies, but that will make a tremendous difference in their results.

The Ultimate Consumer – The Ultimate Executive: Increasing Profits by Reaching More Women

Marketing to women has almost become a new buzz phrase. Corporations are creating high-level positions with the title of director or VP of Women's Marketing Initiatives and Human Resource VPs are developing new profiles of success that better fit women’s styles. Understand how diverse perspectives bring increased value to a corporation with easy to implement techniques, successful case studies and action-oriented take-aways. The concepts learned in this presentation will help companies retain strong leaders, grow revenues, increase their customer base and enhance their community image..

Working with Generational Women: The Differences Between Millenniums, Gen Ys and Xs and Baby Boomers

Today’s workplace is comprised of not just ethnic, racial and gender diversity, but many subsets within these categories. This interactive discussion will point out key differences in values, thought processes and work ethics that frequently cause conflict and misinformation in the workplace between generations. Attendees will share their insights as well as take away some best practices and key tips for working together.

Successful Marketing Strategies That Work with Women

How to Expand Your Vision to Include the New 4 Ps of Marketing: Pearls, Pumps, Purses and Power

The Marketing Mix, which is generally considered the 4 Ps—Product, Price, Place and Promotion, has been instrumental in forming the core positioning for products in the marketplace for more than half a century. Marketers, however, need to expand their vision to include the new 4 Ps—Pearls, Pumps, Purses and Power. The audience will hear facts, statistics and case studies that document successful marketing campaigns. They will leave with easy to implement, cost-effective ideas that will deliver results.

Marketing to Generational Women: The Differences Between Millenniums, Gen Ys and Xs and Baby Boomers

Today’s consumers are diverse in many ways. One of the most important insights to their buying thoughts and habits can be understood by examining the various generational differences in the marketplace today. This discussion will point out key differences in values, reception of marketing and product information, thought processes and purchasing decisions of the various generations and what you need to do to attract the customers you want

Marketing to Women in Times of Change and Turbulence

Marketing and selling to women has long been an issue for many companies. They have tried many ideas, from making their products pink, to deciding there really is no difference in selling to women. Many have noticed their efforts failed to produce the results they wanted. This presentation will help you better understand today’s female consumer, what’s important to her, what works and what doesn’t. Creative ideas that generate additional revenue and increase your customer base will be provided, as well as success stories and great ways to involve your staff in the effort.

Women’s Organizations Want to Know

How to Combine Estrogen and Testosterone without an Explosion

This light-hearted, interactive presentation looks at the obvious, and not-so-obvious, differences between the genders in everyday life. It focuses on showing how being different is good, more interesting, although sometimes frustrating. The audience will leave with a better understanding of why he does what he does, as well as why you are not going to change him—so you might as well learn to live with it.

The Power of You

This presentation focuses on what women’s real power is in both the marketplace and workplace. It will take a historic look at women’s climb to prominence by examining how education, economic clout and the media’s portrayal of women have shifted. Women have altered the political scene, the workplace, manufacturers’ product designs and retail practices. Women will be energized, informed and empowered by this dialogue.

Women Are Green, Men Not So Much

Being Green isn’t about envy, but dedication, education and caring about the planet we live on. Of course, this isn’t accomplished just by women, as Al Gore is certainly a name everyone would associate with global warming and helping to preserve our environment. Both women and men are interested in learning more and doing more for our ecosystem. However, like every other aspect of our lives, men and women view the process and results differently. Learn why women are purchasing more, staying at hotels and buying cosmetics that are green. Hear what some leaders are doing, how greening can affect you financially and surprise items you probably never thought about being green.

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About Gerry Myers

Gerry Myers
CEO, President and Co-founder, Advisory Link

Gerry Myers is CEO, president and co-founder of Advisory Link. Myers is also the former owner and president of the Myers Group, which she founded in 1980. For nearly 15 years, from the early nineties until 2005, the Myers Group specialized in marketing and selling more effectively to the female consumer, as well as helping corporations recruit and retain more women employees. Myers, a pioneer in the women’s market and the first author to publish a book on the subject in 1994, was instrumental in creating awareness, training programs, keynote speeches and consulting services that helped national and international companies, including many in the automotive and financial arenas.

As president of Advisory Link, Myers helps corporations to work better with underserved markets by increasing their communications, marketing and sales to women, as well as helping them better recruit, retain and promote women. Myers is uniquely talented in her ability to find and match the perfect chair with the sponsoring organization when creating Women's Advisory Board (WAB).

Myers has consulted with numerous Women’s Advisory Boards across the country for MassMutual Financial Group. She has co-chaired ClubCorp’s Women’s Advisory Board on Organization Alliances and developed local WABs for New York Life in six cities. Additionally, she facilitates the Automotive Women Dealers and Women Executives & Business Owners Exec-U-Links, which are peer coaching groups comprised of high level executive women and business owners.

Advisory Link was named as a Finalist in two categories of the 2005 Stevie Awards for Women Entrepreneurs: Women Helping Women (recognizing businesses and individuals who supported and contributed to the development of women in business) and Community Involvement Program of the Year (recognizing best practices in corporate social responsibility and community activities). They were selected from more than 470 entries.

Myers has written articles and been featured or quoted as an expert in publications such as The New York Times, American Demographics, WorkingWoman.com, Broker World, Independent Agent, The Financial Post, The Dallas Business Journal, Honolulu Weekly, Toronto Star, Marketing News, Detroit Free Press, Christian Science Monitor, BrandWeek, Automotive News and Working Woman.  She has been a guest on a variety of radio and TV talk shows. In addition, Myers is the author of Targeting the New Professional Woman: How to Market and Sell to Today's 57 Million Working Women. and co-author of Leading the Way to Success.

Active in community and civic organizations, Myers is past president of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and of the D/FW Chapter of the Automotive Women’s Network (formerly Women’ Automotive Association International). Among her board memberships, she has served on the advisory boards of Women's Leadership Exchange, Women's Resource Center of the Dallas Metropolitan YWCA, Women's Link, Girls Inc., UNT Department of Marketing & Logistics, and Love for Kids, to name a few. She is an alumnus of Leadership America, Class of 2003.



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