Women and Pro Sports

The percentage of women fans interested in various sports is 47% Major League Baseball (MLB), 43% National Football League (NFL), 41% National Hockey League (NHL) and 37% National Basketball League (NBA).

            Stephanie Holland, She-conomy.


There are 162 games in the MLB season, 256 regular-season NFL games and 1,230 NBA games.

            Meghan Casserly, Forbes Woman


49.3% of Hispanic women, 43.5% of African American women, 50.3% of Asian women and 40% of Caucasian women say they search for sports information online.

            BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Survey


Women are not only becoming rabid fans but are also spending a lot of money on tickets, sports memorabilia, or frequenting the food kiosks.

Brigit Clancy


Because of Title IX, for the first time in our history, there is a critical mass of women who play sports.

            Mary Jo Kane, Dir of the Univ of Minnesota's Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport


Football 101 was created in 2003 by the league to initiate women in all aspects of the game, from rules to strategy. Eighteen teams participate in the program, and more than 10,000 women a year attend.



While football is primarily marketed to men, the National Football League reports that more than 375,000 women attend games each week and more than 45 million watch on television.

            Louis Llovio, Daily Record


40 million of the 90 million fans who tune in on Super Bowl Sundays are women.

Susan Chandler, Chicago Tribune


Women account for almost half of baseball's fan base, and one-third of the 74 million fans attending games and watching games on TV are women.

            Jacqueline Parkes, CMO, MLB

Each season, some teams offer Baseball 101, a baseball clinic for women that teaches hitting, fielding and pitching techniques ... led by players!

Greg Risling, AP, Los Angeles


Teams are creating “WINs”, which stands for Women Initiative Network, to better reach female fans.

            Stephanie Sy, Los Angeles


One in three women in the U. S. are avid race fans. There are 240+ million female motorsport fans worldwide sharing a passion for speed, style and sisterhood.

Theresa Earnheart


There is a large gender gap among golf fans, as 44% of men are fans of the sport compared to just 28% of women.

            Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup News Service


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