Women and the Automotive Industry 

Women make up more than 50% of all auto purchasing, an $83 billion market. They influence 85% of all car purchases. More than 65% of customers who take their vehicles to repair shops are women.

J.D. Power & Associates


The overall percentage of female drivers rose form 4% in 1972 to 49% in 1996, while the overall percentage of male drivers decreased from 56% to 51%.

U.S. Department of Transportation


With regard to vehicle maintenance, 74% of women state they are responsible for making the maintenance decisions concerning their vehicles. 18% reported the decisions were shared and only 8% said they were responsible for none of the maintenance decisions.

Automotive Service Councils of California


Trust is by far the most important factor to the female service consumer, and convenience is secondary.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association


Women have a 95 percent veto power regarding automotive purchases.

Ford Motor Marketing


Women spend $300 billion annually on used car sales, maintenance, repairs and service.

Road & Track Magazine, Female Buyer Study


Women are more likely to purchase Asian cars, trucks and SUVs than men. 82% of women said environmentally friendly vehicles were 'extremely important' or 'somewhat important’ versus 72.3% of men. 

Laura Kramer, Auto Buying Advice columnist


Eighty percent of female car shoppers get all their automotive information online.

Jupiter Research, Woman Motorist


How a woman is treated is as important as a fair price. Recruiting and retaining more women to the sales and service force would change the culture in many dealerships and make them more female-friendly, thus boosting their sales to women and their bottom line.

Gerry Myers


Women make up only 7% of the dealerships’ workforce (F&I and managers—16.2%; General Managers—7.1%, Owners—4.9%; Service Advisers—2.2%; Use-car Sales—`2.1%)….Women make up 65% of the customer base for service centers and 85% are not satisfied with the service and repairs they receive.

CNW Marketing Research


Nine out of 10 women say they believe repair shop operators and technicians treat them differently because they are women, and the difference is seldom positive.

Car Care Council Survey


Often women see male sales professionals as too pushy and aggressive, high pressure and in a hurry, overbearing and devious, intimidating….They acted superior, had too much ego and were condescending.


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