Exec-U-Link Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Exec-U-Link?

An Exec-U-Link is a small, carefully selected group of individuals who serve as a resource for their organization and each other in much the same way a business coach or think tank would advise and counsel corporations or top executives. The members are strategic decision  makers, dedicated to moving the organization forward through active collaboration. They may be colleagues in a professional organization or corporation with common roles or interests such as consulting firm partners, franchisees, VPs or directors, etc.

What Advisory Link’s clients have said about their Exec-U-Link

“Three of our members formed an alliance to develop business for each of us simultaneously. It was a national program none of us could have done without the ideas and resources of the others.”

Exec-U-Link Member


“The members gave me some critical advice that saved me $50,000 and a lot of misery. My investment in the group was a small percent of the dollar benefit achieved.”

Exec-U-Link Member


“Because my industry experiences tremendous turnover among its new hires the first few years, I decided to sponsor a pilot Exec-U-Link for 12 of my “new org” professionals. All of them stayed with the firm during the duration of the group. That’s 100% retention!”

Managing Partner, Exec-U-Link Sponsor


“My company no longer wastes time and money on products and materials the field doesn’t like. Our Exec-U-Link of key franchisees serves as a focus group to tailor our corporate offerings to what the field and its customers want. The word is out about this group at the home office. Product, marketing and staff VPs compete for spots on the meeting agenda.”

Corporate VP, Exec-U-Link Sponsor


“As a woman in a man’s world, it’s wonderful to collaborate with other high level women who are blazing trails in their companies. Brainstorming, sharing best practices and solving problems with them is a lot different from working with a group where I’m the only woman.”

Women Auto Dealer, Exec-U-Link Member

What are the benefits of an Exec-U-Link?

Each Exec-U-Link is unique because it sets its own mission, goals and agenda. However, some typical benefits of Exec-U-Links include:

Are Exec-U-Links local, regional or national?

Exec-U-Links can be composed of members on a national, local or regional basis.

How often does the group meet? How long are the meetings?

The length and frequency of meetings is dependent upon the scope of the group. Exec-U-Links usually meet three times a year for 1.5 days. There are also conference calls and emails between meetings.

What role does Advisory Link play in developing and facilitating an Exec-U-Link?

Advisory Link will initially:

After the first meeting, Advisory Link will:

What is my company’s role and commitment?

The sponsoring organization will:


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