Frequently Asked Questions about Women’s Advisory Boards

What is a Women’s Advisory Board (WAB)?

A WAB is a flexible vehicle that can be used for/as:

Here is what our clients have said about their Women’s Advisory Boards


“The first year working with Advisory Link, our company started local WABs for six general agents out of approximately ninety across the country. Four of our nine national awards went to the local general agents involved in the program. We will definitely continue to expand this program to other agencies in the field.

Vice President, Professional Development/Communications,
 Mass Mutual Financial Group


“We just finished our big annual promotion. The nine branches that sponsored Women’s Advisory Boards averaged 146% of their stretch quotas. This is an amazing result.”

Executive Vice President, Mass Mutual Financial Group


 “Without a doubt, my Women’s Advisory Board is the best use of my marketing dollars and time in the history of my company. The results have been awesome!”

General Agent, West Financial Group


“I’ve been trying to do business with Asian-Americans for nine years and could never make it happen. In six months my Women’s Advisory Board introduced me to the key opinion leaders in that market. This year my company was chosen “Business of the Year” by the Asian-American Chamber in my city. This never would have happened without the relationships I’ve developed with my board members’ help.”

General Agent, HFG Advisors


“I started my Women’s Advisory Board with no women producers or managers. Because of the board’s reputation and contacts, I now have seven top women producers and three managers in less than a year.”

General Agent, Moore Financial Group


How can a Women’s Advisory Board benefit my company?

The results will vary, depending on your goals. However, your WAB’s program will typically:

Who serves on a Women’s Advisory Board?

Advisory Link creates WABs to fit a company’s specific needs. Members may include women who are:

Why Would Women Serve on a Women’s Advisory Board?

Realizing that what motivates men and women varies, women will join the board because they:

Are Women’s Advisory Boards local, regional or national?

Your WAB can be any of the above. To date, we have created national boards where women fly to a central location for the meeting and local boards that meet within 25 miles of the women’s homes or offices.

How often does the Board meet? How long are the meetings?

WABs meet at different intervals. The meeting format, goals and the type of board determine the schedule. Local boards usually get together about five times a year for approximately two hours. National boards generally meet three times a year for one to two days.

If we want a Women’s Advisory Board, who will create it?

Advisory Link will meet with your company to determine:

If it’s a national board, Advisory Link will develop a tentative list of candidates for your review. Following your approval to proceed, we will contact the potential members and ask them to serve.


If it’s a local or regional board, Advisory Link will:

What role does Advisory Link play in facilitating a Women’s Advisory Board?

If it’s a national board, Advisory Link will:

For local or regional WABs, Advisory Link will:

What is my company’s role and commitment?

Your company will be responsible for:


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