About Advisory Link

Advisory LinkAdvisory Link is a catalyst for bringing people together to benefit one another. Gerry Myers leverages her contacts and expertise to help businesses and executives enhance their profitability and professional / personal lives.

Realizing that today’s high tech work environment, while providing speed, accuracy and volumes of information at our fingertips is great on the one hand, business owners, franchisees and top-level executives often miss the input, encouragement and collaboration of others.

By forming Exec-U-Links and Advisory Boards, Advisory Link is bridging this gap, as well as providing invaluable input to businesses on the needs, desires and insights of their customers.

Twenty-first century corporations know that both employee and consumer attitudes have changed and that they continue to change at a faster pace than ever before. Meshing the needs of the company, employees and consumers while increasing the bottom line is the basic strategy to which Advisory Link adheres.

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