What are you doing to save our planet?

Saving our plant, global warming, recycling and “going green” are part of everyone’s vocabulary today. Businesses are more worried about their customers’ perception of them if they are cramming landfills, polluting the air and soil, using up natural resources and destroying surrounding ecosystems. People concerned about our planet urge more government support for greening efforts through subsidies that would incentivize more businesses to go green. This would, in turn, lead to consumers having more variety and less expensive options to eco-friendly supplies and services.

Grocery stores are considering charging for plastic bags and are selling reusable bags instead. Consumers of automotive products, hotels, food, cosmetics, paper goods, homes and a number of other products are actively searching for companies who support our environment directly or indirectly. As more and more people seek out recycled and eco-friendly products and services, new industries are emerging to meet the growing needs.

More people are researching and purchasing ways to green their lives and preserve the environment. Media is spending more air time on delivering the message, and movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” are seeing big box office numbers. Transforming an existing business or creating a new one that will lower emissions and help preserve the planet is oftentimes initially more expensive than traditional ones. To balance the larger cost of going green, businesses and individuals can reap a return on their investment in energy and water savings, as well as enjoy a sense of pride and personal gratification.

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 What are your thoughts on the “greening of America?”

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  1. everyone should Go Green so that we can help the environment.~-:

  2. going green is always the best thing to do. it helps the environment a lot.-~*

  3. Carlos Kelly says:

    everything should be green these days, let us help mother earth*`”

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