The Best Marketing Tool—Women Advisory Boards

Creating the perfect marketing mix, attracting ideal customers and hiring and retaining the best employees are key steps to success for any business. Of course, products and services, management and cash flow are all essentialadvisoryboards1 elements to profitability and longevity, but this blog is going to focus on the best way to maximize the return on your marketing time, resources and talents.

Women Advisory Boards (WABs) are so strong because they are cost effective, provide an wealth of new ideas and contacts and work as both a consultant to you and an ambassador to the community on your behalf. Their networks become your networks, their ideas your ideas and their dollars, your dollars.

meeting1Because a WAB is a flexible vehicle that can be designed to fit a company’s specific needs, it can help the organization find new clients, develop new product ideas or invite sports fans to more games. The innovation and enthusiasm of the group is contagious and will be felt throughout the entire organization.

WABs serve as focus groups, but with an ongoing commitment to your success. They can serve to critique your advertising campaigns, website design, social media effectiveness, sales tools and promotional ideas.

In addition to marketing efforts, WABs can help businesses recruit, retain and promote more female employees, often leading to a more female-friendly culture within the organization. WABs have assisted companies in creating newmeeting2 recruiting strategies by discovering new places and ways to attract quality women. WABs can also function as mentors to young female employees. The women on the board know and trust you. Thus, they will provide referrals and become loyal customers themselves.

In a tight economy, getting the most for every marketing dollar is important. A Women Advisory Board is the best use of your marketing dollars with will have greatest ROI.

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