Happy New Year

The hats have been tossed, the horns have sounded, the confetti cleaned and thenewyear3 champagne finished. Like millions of others I watched the ball drop in Time Square, saw the new year ushered in around the world and saw sparkly fireworks. 2011 is here, whether we are ready or not.

What I love about holidays is they provide an environment where families and friends spend time together and enjoy festive, newyear21delicious meals. It’s a time many share when they don’t make the effort to get together otherwise. Many make resolutions for the new year; some will keep them, but most just do it as a tradition rather than a commitment.

This week many kids will head back to school with 2010 being just a memory. As a mother and grandmother, like you, I only want the best for my family in the year ahead … for them to be safe, healthy, productive and happy.newyear1

Enjoy everyday of 2011. Time passes so fast, it will be 2012 if we aren’t careful to stop, take time and make those memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Happy New Year!

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