The Cracked, but Still Intact, Political Ceiling

crackedceiling1I went to a wonderful luncheon last week. Take Your Brain to Lunch featured speaker, Randy Mayeux, reviewed two books. One of the books was Anne Kornblut’s Notes from the Cracked Ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, And What It Will Take For A Woman To Win. Regardless of your political views, gender, age, economic status or any other demographic data, no one can fail to acknowledge the impact these two women have had, and will probably continue to have, on our country.

According to Kornblut, “their candidacies (Clinton and Palin) unleashed virulent strains of sexism across the country that many had thought were already eradicated.” While women represent 50 percent of the population, they are as underrepresented in government positions of power as theyhillary-clinton1 are in corporate executive suites and academic professors with tenure.

Hillary, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, and currently serves as Secretary of State, has a long history of service to the country and shaping the view of women in politics. She was the first lady of Arkansas and then of the country. She has served as a senator from New York and, as a mother, helped planned her daughter’s wedding.

2008-09-15-sarahpalinSarah Palin rose to political fame when she was picked by John McCain to be his running mate. As the first woman governor of Alaska, she was virtually unknown. Today, she has a TV program on Fox, is on a book tour, making numerous speeches and encouraging candidates who she believes hold the same values she does. As a mother, she supported her daughter while she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

No doubt the ceiling is cracked, but it is definitely not shattered!

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