Why Not Highlight Sports Wives?

people2Wives and families are a critical part of any professional athlete’s life. Yesterday I watched a show called Football Wives on TV. I thought it would provide viewers with interesting insights into the players, their wives, children and lifestyle. After all, we all know women are more relationship oriented. To know a little more about the players would only enhance a female fan’s enjoyment of the sport.

Admittedly, I only watched part of one segment, so they may have had something interesting on that I missed. However, it was more like the “Real Housewives” bickering and innatepeople1 conversation, than what I expected. Hence the fact I only watched one segment of the 30-minute program.

Sports teams are really missing out on an opportunity to connect at a deeper level with their female fans. Women’s interest in sports is probably at an all time high. In my case, we have the Texas Rangers playing in the World Series and making history. And, of course, the Dallas Cowboys. The Mavericks, Stars, and many minor league teams in the area are outstanding and provide family entertainment at reasonable prices.

team1Television, which counts on the number of people watching to generate advertising revenue, really could produce a good preshow occasionally, that focused more on the player and his life, than repeating the same thing week after week about “going out and giving his all,” “playing as a team” and “stepping up to the plate.”

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