NFL Games, Fantasy Football and Women

Now that football season is in full swing, what will women do on Sundays, Monday nights and Thursday nights while their husbands watch football? Millions of women will be watching as well, not just as a couple’s bonding experience, but as faithful fans themselves. Many have been football enthusiasts for years. Others have taken advantage of Football 101 classes offered by NFL teams and now are loyal followers. Recently, I discovered a new dimension of the game.

I read an article on women who had formed a Girls Fantasy Football League. Now this intrigued me. 

According to a 2006 poll by the Fantasy Sports  Trade Association, there are nearly 1 million female fantasy players. While female participation in the game is growing, the report states that men still make up 92 percent of fantasy team owners.

The article featured the Incline Village’s all-female Fantasy Football League. This is the sixth year for this league. In case you don’t know how Fantasy Football works, which I didn’t, there is a league, team owners and a draft of real NFL players. It costs to buy a team to be in the league. They keep score according to actual game performance of their drafted team members. For instance, if Terrell Owens gets two touchdowns in a game, that team is credited with 14 points. These women are dedicated football fans and can quote stats about players better than your average population, male or female.

Two devoted players, Darolyn Skelton and Shelley Robins, were instrumental in the formation of the league and have started

The web site is complete with how to start a league and play, up-to-the-minute stats, merchandise and much more. Skelton and Robins are optimistic that their web site will interest more women in playing. So if you have always dreamed of starting a Fantasy Football League for women, now you know where to go to learn how!

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  1. Gerry says:

    I have a team with family, can your site help me play better?


  2. Wenda says:

    You write very well.

  3. Throwbacks says:

    It’s not often I find a really good football article online, most are the same ole’ thing just rehashed.
    Thanks for posting something I could really sit down and read.


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    so I have been reading your site for the past week and it is good stuff, do you have a RSS feed?

  5. Football is a bit tiring game but it has given me great excitement and it is a good physical exercise too.*:~

  6. Joe Mason says:

    avid Football fan in here, Manchester United is my favorite team..`:

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