Questions Professional Sports Marketers Should Be Asking

basketball21What should professional sports teams be doing to attract more women? A lot. They are the growth market and an important component for the future of many sports.

Women are relationship-oriented. They want to know about players both on and off the field. Is he married? Does he have kids? What does he do in the off season? What charities does he support? Is he involved in politics or business ventures? What other sports or hobbies does he like?

Women are educational and informational-oriented. Do you have classes or events that will involve and educate women? Are your players, coaches and key personnel part of the functions? How are you positioning them? What type of invitations are you using?baseball2

Women are family-oriented. How does your team influence kids? Are the players good role models? Are they active in teen activities nationally or in their community? Do they support kids? sports? clinics?

Women look at a sport?s sponsor base as well. Are your advertisers letting women know they view them as part of the spectator base by providing commercials that appeal to both genders, not just one?

Teams that succeed with women have women initiatives. Do you have a program in place or are your women?s initiatives a hit and miss situation? Are discounts for merchandise and games available to women who participate in other team-related activities?

car1Whether you are involved in racing, golf, basketball or soccer, women should be an important part of your marketing mix. Make sure your marketing dollars are spent to attract them. The dividend on your investment will be amazing.

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