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Busy Women Go Online

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

creditcard2As women, we are mothers, wives, daughters, friends and businesswomen. Our ability to shop in brick and mortar stores is limited by all the things we juggle. Our time for socializing, reading books, catching up on current events and discovering bargains is no longer a daytime activity for many. Technology has made it possible to search the web, shop, watch movies and much more 24/7.

In one way this is a great thing. It allows women to do tasks at their own pace when it is convenient for them. Definitely a plus. On the other hand, it keeps us connected to work issues, constant text and emails messages and many other diversions that aren’t conducive to rest, relaxation and recreation. In other words, women have little much needed “me”desk1 time.

We could weigh the benefits of both worlds…the new 24/7 environment where kids are only a clickaway and our former environment of less information. The many aps available bring us helpful business information, as well as directions to a friend’s new house. You can check the weather for tomorrow or across the globe. Carrying a camera is becoming obsolete as many phones/devices take pictures clearly and easily. And more aps and new features are being developed as I write this blog.

wheelchair1However, there is little reason to compare the two worlds in order to pick the best because technology and rapid communication is here to stay. We don’t have the choice of returning to simpler, quieter times. But I’m not sure I would if I could. The speed of change and technology can be exhilarating, as well as exhausting.

Marketing Business Travel to Both Women and Men

Monday, April 19th, 2010

travel1After watching “Up in the Air” this weekend, I began thinking about the traveling public and how many men and women fly for business and pleasure each year. Most airlines have a program to reward their very best customers, as they should. In any business, it is always smart to create strategies to retain your current patrons, as well as steps to add new ones. Unfortunately, many businesses focus more on attracting new clients, which is much more costly than maintaining existing ones. But I digress.

As the travel industry continues to struggle with high fuel cost, nature’s intervention and security issues, businesses are spending less on travel and more on other means of connecting and doing business.

Both domestic (down 5.2 percent) and international (down 6.3 percent) flights are suffering as only 769.6 million people flew last year, down 5.3 percent from 2008’s 812.3 million and more than 8 percent below 2007’s total of 838.2 million.

Like many corporations, the airline industry would be wise to focus a little more on how they can better serve their flyers rather than what new fees they can impose.

Adding services that will appeal to women makes good business sense. Providing a safer airporttravel2 environment and more assistance when needed, especially for women traveling alone, would be a good place to start. Not that women are helpless, we aren’t. It is just nice to have friendly, helpful personnel available. However, the best way to make your airline “the airline of choice for women” is to ask them what they want. By creating a Woman’s Advisory Board that includes a diverse mix of women, an airline can literally pull ahead of its competition.