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Cleaning Isn’t Just Women’s Work

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

house11We will be moving soon, thus we are cleaning out things I didn’t even know we had. I’ve never thought of myself as a pack rat, but when you come across things from 1994 that you haven’t seen in 15 years, maybe I am, just a little.

We had financial records from the early ’90, that I had now shredding. Keeping things for 7-10 years is one thing, forever is probably not necessary, even fortrash1the IRS. We are having a massive garage sale with everything from kids’ toys to tools. House wares, books, furniture, office supplies, picture frames, bedding…you name it and it is probably in the sale.

I can’t tell you how many bags of trash my husband and I carried out on trash days. So what have I learned? One thing is that you should do spring and fall cleaning every year, not just every decade or two. Cleaning should involve more than switching from the winter to the spring clothes. Also, that much of what I have and don’t need or use I can donate to others who will enjoy trash2them.

By far my biggest lesson is that it is more fun to collect than declutter. Yet, having the all that stuff out of the house is very exhilarating.

Not Your Standard Valentine’s Gift

Monday, February 8th, 2010

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, people’s thoughts often turn to romance, picking out just the rightvalentine1 card, selecting delicious chocolates and beautiful flowers, especially roses. While my two books Leading the Way to Success and Targeting the New Professional Woman don’t really reflect the holiday’s sentimental mood, to make their purchase easier, we are running a terrific February Special. After all, when you are thinking about that someone in your life, think about helping them develop their leadership or marketing skills as well. Or, purchase the books for yourself.

bookcover2Leading the Way to Success is a compilation of renowned management and leadership experts including Dr. Warren Bennis, Jack Canfield, Gerry Myers and James Kouzes. They share how to make leadership development an organic part of your organization, what traits, proficiencies and styles you need to succeed in the twenty-first century and how to develop your own individual and business leadership plans. It also contains a guide for corporations on how to increase the number of women in leadership roles and what women must do to meet this challenge. Additionally, authors answer questions such as what is “mind work” and “self-directedness” and how do these skills help lead the way to success.

Target the New Professional Woman explains that women are purchasing agents for their combook1panies, their families and themselves, spending trillions of dollars annually. The book addresses problems industries face and solutions for successfully marketing and selling their products and services to today’s women. Additionally, the reader will learn from examples from well-known companies, relevant case studies, significant statistics and cost-effective marketing tips and techniques.

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