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Women Are Ruling More Countries

Monday, August 24th, 2009

businesswomen4Women are becoming much more political and powerful in many countries, including some that in the past have predominantly relegated women to second class citizenship.

As more young women are educated and fight for the rights they want, their countries will be better off as well. Having a more diverse leadership and a different, more feminine perspective will enhance productivity, profitability and peace in regions marred by years of dictatorships, poverty and destruction.

Fifteen countries/territories currently have female Presidents or Prime Ministers. They are Ireland, Finland, The Philippines, Mozambique, Germany, Liberia, Chile, India, Haiti, Argentina, Bangladesh, Gabon, Iceland, Lithuania and Croatia.

Others have had women in the past, but their current leader is male. A few are Malta,businesswomen5 Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Latvia, Panama and Indonesia.

Additionally, a few countries also have Monarchial or Vice-regal women in power. The United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, Antigua, Barbuda and Australia are a few examples of these.

The United States, while it has had women in very powerful positions, has not yet had a woman president. However, I’m sure the time is coming and I certainly anticipate witnessing this historic event. However, I also feel it is equally as important to have the right woman for the job. Hiring, voting or promoting women because they are women doesn’t help anyone. Doing it because it makes good political or business sense insures a strong country in the future.

Appointment of Women to High Level Positions Is Flourishing

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

businesswomen7Women are starting more businesses than men, are not joining the ranks of the unemployed as quickly and are being promoted to positions of major responsibility to help direct many companies through these tough economic times. In July alone, Bank of America appointed Sallie Krawcheck to run Global Wealth and Investment Management and invited her to be a member of the Executive Management Team.

The Travelers Companies, Inc. announced hiring Anne MacDonald as Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer. GE appointed Clara Gaymard Vice President, Government Strategy and Sales for GE International and National Executive for GE in France.

Retailers promoting women in July include Staples, J.C.Penney and Neiman Marcus. Sterling Bank, Cigna and Verizon are representative of the financial, healthcare and communications sectors elevating women to more powerful roles.

In media, Robin Pence became Vice President at Gannett Co. Additionally, Hilary Smith was promoted to Senior Vice President at NBC Universal’s Women and Lifestyle Entebusinesswomen21rtainment Networks.

In the energy/oil and gas business, W. R. Grace & Co. appointed Pamela K. Wagoner Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Other businesses are following suit by promoting women.

In government, major appointments included Regina Benjamin as Surgeon General and Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a potential Supreme Court Justice.

If your business is looking for strong leadership and doesn’t have several women in key positions, you are missing out on a lot of top talent.