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The Must Have Food–Chocolate

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Things have been busy, chaotic and overwhelming the last couple of weeks. The temperatures have been in the 100s, medical issues for family and friends have been abundant and sometimes I just need a little pepper-upper. Luckily, I always have chocolate handy.

My favorite, very dark chocolate, is also healthy, which is an added cheesecake1bonus. I like chocolate in many ways—cakes, pies, mini-desserts, candy and chocolate-dipped fruit or angel cake. You name it. Somehow troubles seem solvable when chocolate is part of the solution. Of course, chocolate can’t really solve problems, but it is yummy and can add pleasure to distressing situations.

Best of all, chocolate is great to celebrate happy occasions from birthdays to weddings to having dinner with good friends. To me, chocolate is synonymous with happy events. It is good plain or in combination with salty popcorn at the movies. It is a delicious as a TV-watching snack and even more scrumptious in pancakes for breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a healthy eater. But chocolate is the most essential element in the four strawberry1food groups, even if the original nutritionists who developed that system didn’t agree.

Anyone else a chocoholic…and proud of it?