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Retro Regression

Friday, May 29th, 2009

What is going on? I think I’m back in the ‘60s when smart companies didn’t know any better than to make their products pink for women and think they were done. But we are in 2009 and things have changed, at least for most companies. Mars candy bars and Dell’s Della website for women apparently don’t understand many of their customers at all.

dellamay09Like hundreds, probably thousands of women (and men), I was horrified when I first saw Dell computer’s new website for women dubbed Della. It was condescending at best. I couldn’t believe anyone in today’s competitive marketplace would make such a blatant misstep in regards to marketing to women. If they wanted to set themselves apart, they certainly did that. Additionally, they garnered lots of internet buzz about their tech tips including using your Dell to count calories and store recipes. They were quick to respond to a deluge of criticism, which is, of course, in their favor. However, much of the damage was already done.

Thefling1y aren’t the only ones regressing. Mars candy bar launched their first new product in 20 years with a pink wrapper called Fling. Besides pink, the sexual overtones are substantial from their describing the bar as a “finger” to their “pleasure yourself” clearly printed on the label. While the taste has gotten rave reviews, I think the packaging is a turnoff to many, including me. And that’s saying a lot since I’m an admitted chocoholic.

I hope no one else is planning to introduce new products, services or websites aimed at attracting women with pink or other out-of-date practices. Today’s women are highly educated, savvy shoppers, confident businesswomen and chief purchasing agents for their families. They spend $.85 of every dollar, accounting for $2 trillion annually. Women are not a niche market, but the most important consumer to the continuing success for more than 95% of all businesses.

fling_chocolate21Think when planning your next product or campaign, but not in Pink!

Valuing and Teaching Teenagers

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Guest BloggerWhen I was 14 years old I went to my first Tony Robbins Seminar and I was in a room full of thousands of adults thinking: Where are all the teenagers? Why aren’t other youth here getting these powerful tools and strategies? It was with that realization that I found my passion: Empowering teenagers with life-skills and leadership development tools for success.

I wrote Your Mailbox Is Full to teach adolescents the tools they need to become successful in school and throughout their lives. They’ll learn powerful skills like goal setting, time management, living a healthy lifestyle, and modeling and attracting success. My advice for teenagers (and their parents) is follow your passions and never give up on your dreams! If you have a goal, a vision, or a hope for the future, hold on to it, focus on it, and take action to make it happen! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dreams will manifest themselves when energy is focused on them.

Justin Sachs is the author of a new book, Your Mailbox Is Full and is the founder of the Creating Possibilities Coaching Program that teaches teenagers to increase their grades, eliminate procrastination, and create balance in all areas of their life. He was a presenter for Anthony Robbins seminars for three years and then worked with Mark Victor Hansen. 

Guest Blogger