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Families Are Paramount

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

family1I’m a very lucky woman. I have three wonderful kids, three incredible kids-in-laws, five grandkids, a stepson and a great husband. All are productive, happy people, who are, or will be soon, contributing to their communities and their families. They enjoy their work as a police sergeant, computer diagnostics development specialist, school office administrator, financial professional, entertainment businessman, golf equipment procurer and bakery artisan.

family21I bring this up because in these tough economic times which we are all experiencing, we often count our problems more than our blessings. I am further blessed, because my kids and their kids all get along, enjoy being together and provide emotional support to each other when they needed it.

family3I know while it may be hard right now, things will get better in the economy again. We all have our trying moments. Some of which last for many, many moments. But watching my family grow, love and enjoy life is a something I can enjoy on a daily basis. And that’s what I choose to do.

Sugar Art Displays Are Breathtaking

Monday, April 20th, 2009

debpic2Can you believe this spring display at North Park Mall was entirely handmade and created as a piece of art primarily made from sugar? The display is 6x6x6 and has more thdebpic1an 500 individual pieces. It is made predominantly with fondant (rolled sugar), but also includes pastiage (butterflies), rice krispy treat, royal icing (wood beams), meringue (wishing well) and cake and brownies (dirt).  This project took approximately six weeks to create with the bakery artisan working part-time.  It’s incredible. Wish you could all see it in person.


Another spectacular creation is the “Suitcases” made to introduce the new Broadway musical series coming to Dallas from New York. The 3x3x3 arrangement is composed of vintage suitcases, which are primarily made out of chocolate and vanilla. And, yes, the chocolate fondant does debpic3smell like chocolate. Yum-Yum. Vanilla just smells like sugar. Also used in this elaborate display is royal icing, gum paste and sugar paper (the paper used for photo cakes) for the sheet music/show stickers and dusting sugar for sparkle on the pink puppet.  Gold and pearl edible dust was used for shimmer.  This project took 25-30 hours to create.


And the best part, the artisan is my daughter Debbie, who works for La Duni. How proud can a mother be!

Social Media — Are You a Part of It?

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Social media is what everyone is talking about these days. It seems to be a place to connect with family, friends, colleagues, people you share interests with, people you don’t know and with whom you have nothing in common. Right now I’m on LinkedIn, Plaxo, facebook and twitter. I started with LinkedIn and Plaxo when people asked me to link or connect with them. Since then I have branched out, on a very limited basis, with my last venture being twitter. As a novice, I’m building my followers, as well as trying to figure out the value of social media personally and professionally. 

Tweeting and other forms of social communication take a lot of time. While millions of people all over the world participate, it would be great to hear from people who feel it is really making a difference in their lives in someway. As an entrepreneur, I marvel at how well this avenue has developed, but also wonder how it helps small businesses grow and prosper.  


Any comments?


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What are you doing to save our planet?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Saving our plant, global warming, recycling and “going green” are part of everyone’s vocabulary today. Businesses are more worried about their customers’ perception of them if they are cramming landfills, polluting the air and soil, using up natural resources and destroying surrounding ecosystems. People concerned about our planet urge more government support for greening efforts through subsidies that would incentivize more businesses to go green. This would, in turn, lead to consumers having more variety and less expensive options to eco-friendly supplies and services.

Grocery stores are considering charging for plastic bags and are selling reusable bags instead. Consumers of automotive products, hotels, food, cosmetics, paper goods, homes and a number of other products are actively searching for companies who support our environment directly or indirectly. As more and more people seek out recycled and eco-friendly products and services, new industries are emerging to meet the growing needs.

More people are researching and purchasing ways to green their lives and preserve the environment. Media is spending more air time on delivering the message, and movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” are seeing big box office numbers. Transforming an existing business or creating a new one that will lower emissions and help preserve the planet is oftentimes initially more expensive than traditional ones. To balance the larger cost of going green, businesses and individuals can reap a return on their investment in energy and water savings, as well as enjoy a sense of pride and personal gratification.

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 What are your thoughts on the “greening of America?”