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Would You Buy a Pink Team Jersey?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I know many women who love sports, especially football. Like male fans, they enjoy wearing jerseys with their favorite team player’s number. That I understand. What I find intriguing is that they often choose a pink jersey over the team’s colors. I have lots of shirts besides sport teams that I love in various shades of pink, but if I’m supporting a team, I want to do it in their colors, whether I’m buying team merchandise that are shirts, sweat suits, outerwear, shoes or jewelry. But that is a personal preference, not a rule of marketing.

To me, color is part of the team logo. I know the dark blue and silver with a lone star represents the Dallas Cowboys, just as I know that green and gold are the Green Bay Packers’ colors. I pondered whether people would know I was wearing Tony Romo’s number if I’m wearing the pink version unless, of course, I’m Jessica Simpson.

I was fascinated that the NFL made so much merchandise in pink. So I asked an expert about it. Susan Rothman, Vice President-Consumer Products, Apparel at the NFL, explained that she thought pink NFL jerseys sold so well because “a number of women like the fact it is distinctly feminine. Others don’t particularly like their team’s color as a fashion item in their closet.” Susan added that she gets a lot of emails from women who thank her for having women’s merchandise in their team’s colors that is specifically made for them. Believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago when women had to buy men’s products to have team merchandise.

The NFL keeps adding new products and many people enjoy the variety of options and ways they can support their home team. With so many choices available these day, buying merchandise is fun. I love that you can even get Crocs in team colors. Women can adorn their necks, wrists, fingers and ear lobes with colorful tokens showing their support for the home team.

Below are just a few things I thought were fun as well as functional.

Green Bay Packers Women’s
Stripe Knit Gloves

Crocs NFL Beach
Minnesota Vikings Adults

Pittsburgh Steelers
Fanatics Purse

What are your thoughts? Would you buy yourself or someone else a pink jersey or would you stick with the traditional team colors?