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The Kitchen Is for Her; the Garage Is for Him

Thursday, January 5th, 2012


If, in the universal scheme of things, women are the ones destined to cook, how come most of the world-renown chefs are men?

In our society kitchens are generally considered a woman’s domain and garages are male kitchen2bastions. Traditionally, women’s work reflected the three Cs—cooking, cleaning and caring for the family. Women worked in kitchens preparing meals with state-of-the-art appliances while men tinkered in the garage with power tools. Even before that, they worked on engines under the hood of their car, but that was another time entirely.

kitchen1Today, many husbands share domestic jobs, including cooking and childcare. But in most families, women still rule the kitchen domain, while men look for a man-cave in the garage or other room. EasyBake ovens are more often pink and aimed at girls, while work tools are primary colors and marketed more to boys. Our gender roles don’t just happen at 18 or 21, they are often garage2taught.