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What makes more sense to you? Praising Obama or Praising Putin

Monday, March 24th, 2014

meeting11. Action: While I’m disappointed in some of Obama’s actions, I realize he has an obstructionist Congress who won’t pass a jobs bill or anything else. But blasting our President and praising Putin is both un-American and stupid.

Result: It harms our image nationally and internationally. Obama isn’t making us seem weak to others…Congress is. Obama has taken many steps to make America secure, while the Republicans continue to make us weaker, both in image and in reality.

2. Action: Instead of the opposition’s answer always being “go to war,” the prudent and rational action would be to support our President. If you like Russia so much better, I suggest you resign your cushy position and move to the more dictatorial form of government you seem to want.

Result: The American people don’t want war; they want diplomatic solutions if possible. Most citizens want our tax dollars to go towards building America, not tearing down another country.

What makes more sense to you? Military spending vs. budget cuts

Friday, March 14th, 2014

flag21. Action: In an effort to reduce the deficit and our annual expenditures, the Obama administration recommended a budget that decreases military spending. This is a sound national security move because (a) the Pentagon has asked for less, (b) we currently spend more than the next 13 countries combined, and (c) today’s technology and world demand more targeted missions using innovations like drones versus boots on the ground.

Result: A more modern, less costly security force that fits today’s needs. Many Republican Congresspersons feel the need to lower spending by cutting vital programs rather than trimming where appropriate. Although very few of them have ever served in war, or have family or friends who have, they are always quick to want to send other people’s children to war. Invading and policing the world is a dangerous military strategy, and those who truly want our country to be safe, need to listen to experts who know the costs of war.

2. Action: Spend less on the military and more on police, fire, education, highways and bridges, research and development, new energy sources, feeding the hungry, and other innovations that will advance America.

Result: Spending our money domestically will make America strong from coast to coast. It will boost the economy, help restore the middle class by creating sustainable and good jobs, and lessen the growing financial inequality in this country.

What makes more sense to you? Gun rights

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

court21. Action: Is the Stand Your Ground ruling a license to kill? The bipartisan Mayors against Illegal Guns coalition along with the National Urban League and VoteVets, released a report in Sept 2013 showing that in most of the 22 states with “Stand Your Ground” laws, they have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of justifiable homicides committed by private citizens in the years following their enactment.

Result: According to the report, Stand Your Ground states have seen their “justifiable homicide” rate rise by an average of 53 percent in five years following their passage. Over the same period, states without these laws saw justifiable homicides fall by an average of five percent.

2. Action: Rescind this law that allows minorities to be easily targeted, justifies killing for little or no reason and does not hold murderers accountable.

Result: Homicide rates will decrease and innocent victims will live. Those who commit the act of murder will be tried and convicted of the crime. They will not be allowed to go free because they “were in fear of their lives”. They had the choice to retreat rather than to shoot an unarmed teenager to death.