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Will Rick Perry Run for President?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Of course he plans to, and why shouldn’t he. Three reasons to do it include: (1) He did so well the first time around; (2) Late night comics and political pundits are encouraging his run as they need some new material, and (3) … I can’t remember three…OOPS.

texasflagAs the longest serving governor of Texas, it is time for a change in our state. While he boasts of creating more jobs than the other 49 states combined, he fails to mention that a vast percentage of them are minimum wage jobs with no future. On the positive side, the economy is good, and his best work is in job creation for Texas.

Unfortunately, he is leaving office with a very divided state as he chose to bring up the abortion bill for a third time, even though it failed to pass in either the regular session or the first special session. He is willing to spend taxpayer dollars for a second special session that will not help the thousands of women he is disfranchising from medical care. This doesn’t make it safer for women, it makes poor women resort to back alley tactics and much more risk. Women of means have numerous other options, such as flying to a state that does respect a woman’s right to choose.

Additionally, he is denying Medicaid Expansion that is 100% funded, so his real agenda is clearly not that of providing better health care to women. He has also turned down federal funds assistance to rebuild streets and bridges. As a result, he is keeping hundreds from good paying jobs and creating a road to deficit spending in the future when infrastructure can no longer be ignored.

I am sure all of his current moves are designed to appeal to the far right conservative base of the Republican Party that will vote in the presidential primary. Since the country isn’t as far right as the base, their plan to win the national election is to suppress the vote by any means possible. And the partisan Supreme Court has made that, as well as billions of dollars by special interest groups, part of our current election system. This is causing America to slowly lose it democracy. Before we spread democracy to other countries, we need to fix it here at home.

After the 2012 clown show of characters running for the top office in the land, I can’t wait to see who throws their hat in the ring in 2016. We already know Perry is seriously considering it, as probably Paul Ryan who lost in 2012, maybe Rick Santorum, possibly Ted Cruz (who wasn’t even born in this country, but in Canada), and probably a couple of Republican governors, perhaps even a couple of dark horses no one is thinking about now. Whoever does run, I’m sure the talk and political show hosts are salivating at the prospects.

Student loans

Friday, July 5th, 2013

elephantWhat is wrong with Republicans?

I want America to have a strong two party system which means at least two strong parties that offer voters good options. Yet I worry that their continual actions are counterproductive to their own best interest. They need to start working for the country, for women, for minorities and for themselves.

As they continue their war on women, and haven’t shown they will pass immigration reform that has a path to citizenship, my biggest regret, for their actions or lack of action, this week is not continuing the interest rate for college students at its current 3.4%.

money4Let’s look at the facts. Their Wall Street buddies, who are themselves and their companies making billions, continue to get money at a next to nothing interest rates. Additionally, the federal government made $51 billion on student loans last year. Yet, they refused to continue the 3.4% rate, leaving students in limbo as to what they will decide when they once again return from vacation.

In fact, their plan not only has a fluctuating rate, but it could hit 8%, nearly two and a half times the current rate. This will have devastating impact on students deciding not to pursue a higher education because of the loan debt. For those who take the loan to pursue their dreams of an education and good career where they are productive, taxpaying members of society, it may mean years before they have the ability to invest in a home or new car. This will greatly impact our economy, as well as our ability to compete internationally.

Both parties need to get back to work and find a realistic, compassionate solution to this dilemma when the resolution is easy and obvious to all but the Republicans.

Rick Perry – A dichotomy in message

Monday, July 1st, 2013

texas1On the one hand he argues that every life is precious, and that abortion should be banned. On the other hand, Texas just executed its 500th prisoner in modern times. While many states have abolished the death penalty, Texas leads the country in executions even though some innocent men have been put to death.
As Rick Perry and his conservative vigilante’s disregard what people want in order to further their own political agenda, women in Texas suffer. Perry, who according to his own words, wants to protect women’s health, defunded Planned Parenthood and refused the federal program of expanding Medicaid. Both programs leave thousands of women without adequate healthcare.

More than a quarter of the population is uninsured. One of the highest in country, Texas is leaving the poor to seek healthcare as a last resort at emergency rooms. This is one of the most expensive and least reliable means of providing health services.

Perry insists abstinence is the solution, not contraception. Yet Texas leads the country in teen pregnancies.

But in Texas, the facts don’t matter.

As Perry criticized Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ democratic right to filibuster as stalling the democratic process, his fellow Republicans continue filibusters in the U.S. House to stop any progress for the country. When he told her story of being a single mom, he missed the most important point of the story. She had a choice and she chose to have her daughters. Because abortion is available, doesn’t mean it is what women choose. Women who have abortions struggle with that decision and make what they believe is right for them and their families. Information Perry and other legislatures don’t have.
Texas deserves better.