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What makes more sense to you? Why America isn’t a democracy

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

ovaloffice1What makes more sense to you? Why America isn’t a democracy

1. Action: How does one person equal a democracy? I thought I was really good in math, but I can’t figure out that if there are 435 representatives in the House, how one person, Speaker John Boehner, can kill a bill that more than 218 members want to pass. In school, I learned two things: (1) more than half of 435 is 218, and (2) America is a democracy, and that means the majority rules.

Result: In John Boehner’s House of Representatives, what the majority of the elected representatives want doesn’t matter, just what the few extremists in his party want. Therefore, when they don’t like a bill, he doesn’t bring it up for a vote. It is literally dead on arrival from the Senate. This is not how a democracy should function.

2. Action: When the Senate sends a bill to the House, or House members want to initiate a bill, John Boehner should be forced to let democracy work and put it to a vote.

Result: Boehner has made America an oligarchy, a country governed by a small group of people, and himself a dictator who overrides bills he doesn’t like. To restore our country to a democracy, Americans need their elected officials’ voices to be heard and counted, not ignored. Congress needs to govern, instead of doing nothing.

What makes more sense to you? Praising Obama or Praising Putin

Monday, March 24th, 2014

meeting11. Action: While I’m disappointed in some of Obama’s actions, I realize he has an obstructionist Congress who won’t pass a jobs bill or anything else. But blasting our President and praising Putin is both un-American and stupid.

Result: It harms our image nationally and internationally. Obama isn’t making us seem weak to others…Congress is. Obama has taken many steps to make America secure, while the Republicans continue to make us weaker, both in image and in reality.

2. Action: Instead of the opposition’s answer always being “go to war,” the prudent and rational action would be to support our President. If you like Russia so much better, I suggest you resign your cushy position and move to the more dictatorial form of government you seem to want.

Result: The American people don’t want war; they want diplomatic solutions if possible. Most citizens want our tax dollars to go towards building America, not tearing down another country.

The Affordable Care Act is here: Get over it and move on

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

doctorAs Senator Elizabeth Warren so accurately stated, “Congress voted for this law. President Obama signed this law. The Supreme Court upheld this law. The President ran for reelection on this law. His opponent said he would repeal it – and his opponent lost by five million votes.”

Today, the radical right has shut down the government because they want to defund ObamaCare. They don’t care about the millions of people who have been furloughed or laid off due to their lack of work and ability to compromise as is necessary in a democratic society. They don’t want democracy—they want to be dictators of the law. They don’t want to govern; they want to rule. They don’t want to provide healthcare to millions while lowering costs to taxpayers. They don’t want to provide food stamps to hungry children; but want to give huge subsidiaries to large corporate agriculture entities. They don’t want to raise the minimum wage, but want to give more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. They don’t really want to lower the deficit, but to eliminate any help for the less fortunate.

This has been the most do-nothing congress in the history of our country. Speaker Boehner is the worst speak of the House because he has no leadership or backbone and continues to let his caucus obstruct any bills that would move this country forward. He would rather be speaker than do what’s right and my guess is he’s going to lose his speakership anyhow. Republican state legislatures have gerrymandered districts so they can’t lose, no matter what they do, or in this case, don’t do. Congress even took healthcare away from their own staff, but kept their own. They aren’t paying millions of federal employees, but they are still taking their salary.

The GOP (Greedy Obstructionist Politicians) is ruining our government, our economy, and our democracy. Americans need to unify and vote this Congress OUT. In 2014, Democrats, Independents and moderate, reasonable Republicans need to say, “We have had enough.” Congress needs to help implement the healthcare law, get back to immigration reform, pass a jobs bill, and fund the government for several years, not weeks.

Student loans

Friday, July 5th, 2013

elephantWhat is wrong with Republicans?

I want America to have a strong two party system which means at least two strong parties that offer voters good options. Yet I worry that their continual actions are counterproductive to their own best interest. They need to start working for the country, for women, for minorities and for themselves.

As they continue their war on women, and haven’t shown they will pass immigration reform that has a path to citizenship, my biggest regret, for their actions or lack of action, this week is not continuing the interest rate for college students at its current 3.4%.

money4Let’s look at the facts. Their Wall Street buddies, who are themselves and their companies making billions, continue to get money at a next to nothing interest rates. Additionally, the federal government made $51 billion on student loans last year. Yet, they refused to continue the 3.4% rate, leaving students in limbo as to what they will decide when they once again return from vacation.

In fact, their plan not only has a fluctuating rate, but it could hit 8%, nearly two and a half times the current rate. This will have devastating impact on students deciding not to pursue a higher education because of the loan debt. For those who take the loan to pursue their dreams of an education and good career where they are productive, taxpaying members of society, it may mean years before they have the ability to invest in a home or new car. This will greatly impact our economy, as well as our ability to compete internationally.

Both parties need to get back to work and find a realistic, compassionate solution to this dilemma when the resolution is easy and obvious to all but the Republicans.