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What makes more sense to you? The Supreme Court supporting or killing our democracy

Friday, April 4th, 2014

court11. Action: The Supreme Court is supposed to uphold our Constitution and democratic way of life. Instead, The Roberts’ Court is systematically dismantling our democratic processes and replacing it with their own conservative ideology.

Result: As they continue to support laws that facilitate the buying of our elections by millionaires and billionaires and allow more suppression of voters’ rights, the conservative branch of the Supreme Court is dishonorable and reprehensible.

2. Action: From Citizen’s United to repealing sections of the Voters Right Act of 1965, The Roberts’ Court conservatives continue to rule in favor of the few, while neglecting the good of most Americans.

Result: The Supreme Court is killing our democracy and replacing it with a plutocracy; the rule of a society by its wealthiest people. This is harmful to minorities, women, the middle class and the poor. Their voices will no longer be heard, their votes no longer counted, and their needs no longer fulfilled.

Is the Supreme Court Upholding the Constitution?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

constitution3A lot of important decisions were made by the Supreme Court this week—one good, another not in the best interest of democracy.

Most people are happy with the decision ending DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) acknowledging that the federal government recognizes same sex marriage in states that allow it.

However, gutting the 1965 Voters Right Act will certainly limit voting rights for many people in several states. Texas, Mississippi, Alabama  and other Republican controlled states have already changed their laws to demand voter IDs, are planning on gerrymandering districts even more to limit minority voting, most like going to further limit early voting and same day registration, among many other restrictions. These were all struck down in court last year as unconstitutional.

Americans, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents, need to be aware of how their democracy is being chipped away. Voting is a fundamental part of our freedoms. Citizens need to pay attention to what is happening and speak up against it in public forums and at the ballot box.