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What makes more sense to you? Military spending vs. budget cuts

Friday, March 14th, 2014

flag21. Action: In an effort to reduce the deficit and our annual expenditures, the Obama administration recommended a budget that decreases military spending. This is a sound national security move because (a) the Pentagon has asked for less, (b) we currently spend more than the next 13 countries combined, and (c) today’s technology and world demand more targeted missions using innovations like drones versus boots on the ground.

Result: A more modern, less costly security force that fits today’s needs. Many Republican Congresspersons feel the need to lower spending by cutting vital programs rather than trimming where appropriate. Although very few of them have ever served in war, or have family or friends who have, they are always quick to want to send other people’s children to war. Invading and policing the world is a dangerous military strategy, and those who truly want our country to be safe, need to listen to experts who know the costs of war.

2. Action: Spend less on the military and more on police, fire, education, highways and bridges, research and development, new energy sources, feeding the hungry, and other innovations that will advance America.

Result: Spending our money domestically will make America strong from coast to coast. It will boost the economy, help restore the middle class by creating sustainable and good jobs, and lessen the growing financial inequality in this country.