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What I Hate…

Friday, June 12th, 2015

menandwomen3I hate Republican congressional climate deniers who pick up snowballs in March to prove there is no such thing as climate change or global warming.

Solution: Political parties and voters should look for candidates who are smart, who can read, who have an open mind, and who listen to scientists and other experts.

I hate that Congressional leaders who make more than $170,000 a year are refusing to give hard working Americans the minimum wage raise they deserve.

Solution: Vote to increase the $7.25 an hour to at least $10.10.

I hate that income inequality is growing and Congress is pushing it forward rather than fixing it.

Solution: Make corporations and millionaires pay their fair share of taxes and increase the minimum wage.

I hate that banks and bank officials who caused our economy to collapse were never prosecuted and now are doing many of the same risky things that caused our previous problems.

Solution: Strengthen, rather than weaken, Dodd Frank and other legislation that regulate banks. Prosecute all offenders.

I hate that Republicans refuse to pass an infrastructure bill therefore, subjecting Americans to dangerous road conditions, potholes, faulty bridges, etc.

Solution: Raise the gas tax to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent.  Then pass an infrastructure bill.

I hate that the Supreme Court is no longer a constitutional entity, but rather a bias body with conservative ideologues who think their view on an issue is more important than the law or what is good for the country.

Solution: Supreme Court Justices should have term limits that are not renewable so there is a chance for fresh ideas.

I hate that money is able to buy our elections and end our democratic process.

Solution: Reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

I hate that in 2014 only 36 percent of those eligible to vote did…the lowest turnout since WWII.

Solution: Exercise your right to vote. Teach your children the importance of this sacred right. Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate in our democratic process.

I hate that people died in Selma 50 years ago to have the right to vote, and today that right is being threatened again.

Solution: Get rid of voter ID laws, increase early voting days, and making voter registration easier so that every American can vote.

I hate that in 2015 racial tensions are still high, voter suppression still strong, and Republican governors are passing laws that are encouraging this rather than punishing it.

Solution: Hold the guilty liable. The DOJ needs to take legal action more aggressively and prosecute offenders.

I hate that we have “for profit prisons” that are more interested in filling beds than justice.

Solution: The government needs to take the prison system back from private companies. Then form citizen oversight committees to monitor behavior.

I hate that a few bad police are tainting the good ones who risk their lives daily to serve their community.

Solution: Media needs to show positive police stories, not just uncaring ones.

I hate that news journalists aren’t reporting only facts, but rather their opinions.

Solution: Make the news media more independent of big corporations and their interests. Save opinions for commentaries, political pundit shows, and other such programs.

I hate that some people think same-sex marriage should be unlawful.

Solution: None. Intolerant people can’t be taught or reasoned with.

I hate warmongers who send others people kids to war, but don’t want their own to go.

Solution: If we go to war again, implement the draft so that everyone is involved in the process, not just a few.

I hate that those that have government paid healthcare, such as Congress, don’t want others to have it.

Solution: Expand Medicaid and the ACA, rather than repealing it.

I hate that women’s healthcare is under attack again. Women should have the right to make their own medical decisions.

Solution: Republican men need to realize it is not their bodies or their business. Women must vote these dinosaurs out of office and replace them with 21st thinking legislators.

I hate that the oversight committee in Congress continues to waste taxpayer time and money in their phony witch hunts of Democrats.

Solution: Voters need to hold their representative accountable for doing their job and stop manufacturing faux crises. Call or write your congressperson every time you disagree with what they are doing.

I hate that many in Congress talk about creating jobs, but in actuality are blocking job creation.

Solution: Pass a jobs bill that includes more than the Keystone Pipeline or cutting taxes on millionaires.

I hate that this Congress funds things for only weeks or months, rather than long term, so we are always in an unnecessary financial crisis.

Solution: Pass adequate funding for the debt limit and other necessary actions so that the government can function as it should.

I hate that our politicians are more concerned about their reelection than doing anything for the country.

Solution: Get rid of big money and corrupt officials by everyone voting in 2016. It won’t solve the problem right away, but it would be a great start.

I hate that the NRA values profits over people and continue to push guns everywhere, including college campuses.

Solution: Pass a law that keeps lobbyists from influencing our legislators and actually writing the laws they pass. Get big money out of politics. Hold representatives accountable for their votes.

I hate that Democrats aren’t organized and don’t speak with a unified voice.

Solution: Get a stronger leader of the DNC and begin to stand up for what you believe. All Democrats who are elected to office need to support the President, their party’s platform, and their own agenda vocally and often.

I hate that now that Republicans control both Houses of Congress, they are showing that they can’t lead.

Solution: Republican leaders need to stop pandering to the right wing fringe and show some leadership.

I hate that 47 Republican senators decided to write an unprecedented, ill-conceived letter to a foreign leader to undermine the President’s negotiations with Iran.

Solution: Republicans need to start acting like responsible professionals and do their jobs instead of pulling stupid stunts like this.

I hate that John Boehner blows kisses at reporters, cries, won’t bring actions to the floor for a vote, and needs Nancy Pelosi to help get anything passed.

Solution: Boehner needs to show some leadership or relinquish his prestigious job to someone who can control the Republican caucus in a favorable way.

I hate that we are leaving such a mess to our children and grandchildren.

Solution: Congress should stop acting like children and do their jobs.

I hate that some people like Rudy Giuliani think they love America more than President Obama.

Solution: Show your love for your country by not spreading hatred and falsehoods. Don’t listen to naysayers. Listen to Obama when he speaks and you will see how much he loves and respects America.



Why do people vote against their own best interest?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

vote2This question has stymied political strategists and pundits for a long time. As an expert in the women’s market, I too am baffled by the way people, especially women, vote against those who share their ideals and values in lieu of voting for those who don’t.

I have frequently been asked and often pondered the question: “Why would a woman vote Republican when they clearly have a war on women?” I wish I had a great answer for this. Perhaps they have always voted Republican, and thus continue down this path. Perhaps they are wealthy and the tax breaks the Republicans fight for, that primarily benefit the rich, is the most important reason. Perhaps they believe the falsehoods and phony rhetoric of the Republican Party. Whatever the reason, I find it truly disturbing.

Both women and men should vote for elected officials whose actions show that they have the best interests of the citizens and country in mind, but for some reason, they don’t.

While I acknowledge that many Republican women are pro-life, offering choice, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, just makes good sense. I’m not advocating abortion; I am saying that I should have the choice to decide what is best for me and my family.

Equally troubling is why Republican women support a party who barely passed the Violence Against Women Act, who don’t support legislation to guarantee that a women receives equal pay for equal work, and who think women’s bosses should have the right to determine her health care and reproductive decisions.

As Republican governors refuse to accept billions of dollars in free federal money to expand Medicaid, hundreds of thousands of people are going without medical care and are dying needlessly. As the GOP continues to cut billions from food stamps, many women and children are going hungry.

Men are also hurt by the policies of the Republican Party. Many men support the party because they are pro-gun, but Republicans also vote to keep the minimum wage at poverty levels and are against extending unemployment benefits. These policies hurt the working class.

Republicans want to reduce government spending and control, but I wonder if the populace realizes that many solidly red states that they live in receive a huge percentage of their income from the federal government? In actuality, the amount many red states pay in federal taxes is small compared to the amount they receive back from the government.

Do they think about how the government spends this money building the roads they drive on daily, or providing funds for the fire department that comes to their home if there is an emergency? When a natural disaster strikes them, do they accept F.E.M.A’s help? These and many more necessities are government-funded programs.

To cut spending on these and other projects as the Republicans suggest, would greatly impact both the men and women in these states in a very destructive way. It reminds me of the old saying, “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” It makes no sense.

In reality, the Republicans don’t want to cut spending, just redistribute it from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. The Republican budget once again gives massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, while it cuts programs and safety nets that help many of the people who vote Republican. I don’t understand why people vote against their own best interests, especially when it hurts their family, the economy and the principles on which America was founded.

I respect the two-party system and believe it is healthy for a democracy to have differences that exist in many areas of fiscal and social governance. But the right-wing fringe has hijacked the sanity of the Republican Party, and the GOP needs to get back on track. Gerrymandering, suppressing the vote, allowing unrestricted funds and unlimited terms have led to undemocratic practices which will destroy America if voters don’t stand up and fight for what is right.

Citizens, whether Republicans, Democrats or Independents, all have much to gain by voting for politicians who are interested in the good of the country: working together, listening to each other, and compromising. If they continue to choose representatives who do not support our fragile Democratic Process, citizens will soon have more reasons to fear Washington D.C. than foreign terrorists.
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What makes more sense to you? Campaign finance

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

money51. Action: The Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision changed the financial rules in elections allowing individuals and corporations to give unlimited and undisclosed sums of money to individual candidates.

Result: The results have been devastating and this decisions needs to be repealed. Currently, billionaires like the Koch Brothers’ America for Prosperity and Super PACs like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads are buying elections and elected officials across the country.

2. Action: Unlimited funds are allowed to infiltrate and corrupt our democratic process.

Result: Democracy is fading and plutocracy is taking over America as a way of life. This will create two classes: the elite and the poor. There will be no more middle class or a way out of poverty.

What makes more sense to you? Taxes

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

building11. Action: Cut all government programs. Making government smaller would lower taxes.

Result: People who are against everything the government does, still drive on the streets and bridges they funded, read at the libraries they built, enjoy the protection of the police and fire departments they provide, send their kids to public schools, vacation in state and national parks, and many other things they take for granted. These items and many more are paid for by tax dollars and provided by government services. They don’t just happen in a vacuum.

2. Action: Create jobs by putting people to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and other needed services.

Result: The economy would improve, our streets and bridges would be safer and we would look more like a viable global leader than a third world country.

Press you Congressperson to vote for a jobs bill to put Americans back to work, not just talk about it.

What makes more sense to you? Minimum wage

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

money11. Action: Republicans refuse to raise the minimum wage. As a result of not paying a living wage, Wal-Mart tells their workers to get food stamps.
Result: Taxpayers like you and me are subsidizing a billion dollar corporation and its namesake family. Alice Walton, one of the richest people in America, wants taxpayers to pay for her companies’ employees so she can have that much more.

2. Action: Raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10.
Result: This will not hurt companies as most will pass it on to the consumers who purchase their products and services. The increase will usually be pennies so the effect will be negligible in sales. And the wage increase will raise thousands of hard working Americans out of poverty.

What makes more sense to you? Gun rights

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

menandwomen31. Action: Republicans say they are prolife even in the case of rape or incest or if the woman’s life is in danger.

Result: You say you are for all babies to be born, regardless of the women’s right to protect her own body, even though you won’t increase the minimum wage to provide for these babies, food stamps to feed them or pre K to educate them.

2. Action: Republicans side with the NRA and allow all guns, including assault weapons and large magazine clips to be purchased without background checks to prevent felonies, domestic abusers, mentally ill and others from having guns they shouldn’t have.

Results: Thousands of these babies and their parents are killed annually with these guns. These two views seem diametrically opposed to me. Are Republicans prolife or just pro-birth?

What makes more sense to you? Congress

Friday, January 17th, 2014

1. Action: Raise the minimum wage, continue the food stamp program with no cuts, and continue the unemployment benefits for at least three months.

Results: People don’t lose their homes, are able to feed their families and look for a job. They continue to spend this money and boost the economy, thus creating more jobs and putting more people to work. Taxes are collected from them, and the economy continues to thrives.

2. Action: Don’t increase the minimum wage, cut even more from the food stamp program and don’t continue to provide unemployment oldman1benefits for those looking for a job.

Results: Many people who work full time continue to live in poverty, unable to spend discretionary money to boost the economy, might lose their home, phones, cars, and will thereby be unable to continue to look for work. The economy flounders, instead of creating new jobs, existing jobs will be lost adding more people to the food stamp and unemployment roles. Another recession will be looming and the country will struggle rather than grow.