Advisory Link and its founder, Gerry Myers, have tackled many issues that have helped move our economy and country forward. As the first author, consultant and speaker to recognize the enormous buying power of women, Myers spent two decades working with major manufacturers and retailers in the financial and automotive industries to help them market and sell their products more successfully to women, as well as how to recruit, retain and promote women within their organizations.


Myers also created national Women’s Advisory Boards to further these efforts. A Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) provides insights to boost a company’s bottom line by creating better marketing to women strategies. This same principle can be applied to the political process. These procedures will enhance the campaign process and insure higher voter turnout.


The challenges our country faces today are enormous, but sensible solutions exist.

We are lucky to live in a country where our forefathers ensured that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as part of the Constitution. Among these rights outlined in our Constitution are: religious freedom, freedom of speech, and separation of church and state. Much blood has been shed insuring these sovereignties to us.



Yet today, many extremists in our country want to disband these sacred liberties, while at the same time interpreting the second amendment as a right to amass an arsenal of military style weapons.


Myers passion is to become active in shaping our future and to involve other average citizens. This will guarantee we have more of a voice on issues that affect our daily lives.


The best way to insure
our democratic way of life continues is to be involved in the process. In this critical time when our country is stagnated by gridlock, we need elected officials who solve problems, work together to create better education, affordable healthcare, stronger infrastructures, continual research, more innovations and faster job creation.

Marketing to Women

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My new blog will discuss term limits, campaign spending; gerrymandering, the Electoral College; responsible federal spending; saving social security, the Affordable Care Act and other health issues; our tax system; lobbyists, legislatures, and the Supreme Court; the gun debate; the President, Congress, and the media. 

I hope you become an active voice with comments and insights of your own on my blog, and let your views be known at the ballot box as well.


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